KOFOD (Korea Federation of Organization of the Disabled)

:: Korea Federation of Organizations of the Disabled(KOFOD) established in 1996, is the largest organization of the persons with disabilities(DPO) in Korea which has numerous membership organizations representing each type of disability. The KOFOD conducts activities to protect, promote and realize the rights of persons with disabilities at the national and international level.


 - With "Voice of our own", realizing "Nothing about us, without us"

 - Realizing full participation and equality of PWD
 - Eliminating all forms of discrimination and barriers against PWD
 - Restoring the rights of PWD as the rights-holders
 - Representing DPOs to the fullest extent possible

 - Korea Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities
 - Korea Traffic Disabled Association
 - Korea Association of People Injured on Worksites
 - Korean Federation of Centers for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities
 - Human rights Forum of Persons with Disabilities in Korea
 - Korea Employment Security Association for the Disabled
 - Disabled Peoples' International Korea
 - Korea Association of the Hearing Impaired
 - Muscle Disabilities Association of Korea