Building a strong network among DPOs
 - Strengthening activities promoting and advocating the rights of PwD by collaborating closely with DPOs in and out of Korea
 - Developing actually effective alternatives by sharing and exploring national and international disability-related issues and policies

Advocating the rights of PwD
 - Realizing "Nothing about us, without us" by fighting against discrimination and prejudice through active participation of PwD ourselves
 - Promoting full and equal participation of PwD by raising a disability-perspective

Empowerment PwD
 - Providing administrative and financial supports with DPOs to help them accomplish the mission and goal
 - Developing and providing educational programs and workshops to facilitate sharing the voices of our own

Promoting employment of PwD and vocational rehabilitation service
 - Setting the essential grounds for independent living by providing PwD with employment supports
 - Realizing full social inclusion of PwD by supporting them to achieve self-realization

International development and cooperation
 - Taking appropriate measures to facilitate the implementation of global frameworks, UN CRPD, SDGs, Incheon Strategy
 - Disseminating domestic activities protecting and promoting the rights of PwD to all over the world and pursuing global progress